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Modeling Creator Edge

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Our Services

As we become more multinational, Modeling Creator Edge offers more variety of services. From architecture for the African country to IT services to the world, our various departments use their knowledge in the field of 3D and computer technology to enhance our engineering and architecture to support you in your projects.

Infrastructure Development Needs

  • Buildings and Building Materials

    Access a full range of commercial products and services covering areas such as buildings and building materials, industrial services and supplies. Solutions include power distribution equipment, generators...

  • Construction Management

    Expand your agency's capabilities to meet building construction requirements under ISO by accessing commercial construction, design and management experts...

  • Facility Management/Maintenance Services

    Obtain all the services necessary to maintain and manage your facility, including electrical and utility installation, elevator installation and maintenance, facilities maintenance...

  • Professional Engineering Services

    With us, you will have access to expert who can perform an array of engineering services in areas including building, electrical, plumbing, and (components of) civil engineering, as well as numerous sub-disciplines such domestic, military...


What We Offer

Work where you want, when you want and at your leisure.
Like all large companies, Modeling Creator Edge, offers to employees the opportunity to work from several places: universities, homes, offices in Oklahoma City (United States), Dakar (Senegal) and Manila (Philippines).
Our principle is to always finish our projects on time, we have to offer the choice to our employees to work at their leisure at any time of the day using the VPN or LogMeIn from any place.


We are strongly in search of the best developers and designers. If you have exceptional programming skills, outstanding creativity, please contact us, to join a dynamic and creative team.

Technical Support

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Online Help
For all our software and web applications we have online help available at all times in addition to the tutorial within the software itself under the "Help" menu.
Updated as needed
When a process in your work changes, we change our applications to accommodate the change. This will prevent you from doing half of your work on our software and the other half on paper or with other softwares.

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