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    i'Medical is an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system that help hospitals and clinics to save and organize patient information. i'Med also keep track of patient bills, appointment, visitations, medications, allergies and any other clinical data necessary to make a visit at a hospital quick, easy and fast billing. With this application, you are guarantee there will be no more lose of data.

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    iMedical increase speed and improves productivity in the way staff are creating patients records and improves the maintainability of patient's document as you continue to modify them.

    • Application Areas:
    • Allow you to organize your patients information in multiple logical pieces to improve the team collaboration on a single patient and the follow up process.

    • Screen Wizards:
    • You can ensure more maintainability of patient files as you modify the information using wizards helpers such as Patient Admission Screen, Assessment or Discharge Screen. Every single screen let you easily enter information with data types controllers which improve productivity.

    • Loading Information:
    • Contrarily to web application, this windows based application allows you to navigate between modules without having to wait for a page load or running resource calls.

    • Validation:
    • This application validate automatically all the data clinician or assistant is typing in, for example in a date field a user can put only date in it. Also we have other type of validation based on the patient age like giving a adult prescription to a child.

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