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Technical Support

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Online Help
For all our software and web applications we have online help available at all times in addition to the tutorial within the software itself under the "Help" menu.
Updated as needed
When a process in your work changes, we change our applications to accommodate the change. This will prevent you from doing half of your work on our software and the other half on paper or with other softwares.

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Custom made applications to replace daily routine.

The best solution a company can have is an automate process of their manual daily routine and that's exactly what our firm is bringing to them. We replace any workers activities on papers by an automated system that eliminate any human error and lose of information. This increase performance and reduce the staff count.

  • Sys'Com

    Modeling Sys'Com (System Commercial), is software that helps trading companies in products management, invoices, reports and clients database that at times requires great capacity for organization and planning.

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  • i'Med

    i'Medical is an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system that help hospitals and clinics to save and organizing patient information. i'Med also keep track of patient bills, appointment, visitations, medications, allergies and any other clinical data necessary to make a visit at a hospital quick, easy and fast billing. With this application, you are guarantee there will be no more lose of data.

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  • i'Creator

    I'Creator is a Content Management Systems developed by Modeling Creator Edge. As its name, this application allows you to create your own dynamic or static website from highly developed templates and you can also edit them at any time...

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  • Xaritoo

    Xaritoo is the next generation of social networking, it always allow to keep in touch with friends, family, and business partners and get news around the world at real time...

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  • Modeling Services Messenger

    MSM is an improvement of existing messenger services like MSN, SKYPE or YAHOO Messenger. But just like any other innovations, we added many features like instant translation between up to 49 languages...

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  • i'School

    I'School is a website just like a social network for schools that allows students, teachers, school administration and students' parents to interact and exchange on students issues.

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  • Al'Quran

    This application teaches you the Holy Quran, in Enchlish and in French with the original verses side by side.
    There is many features like search into the text, saving into the favorite and audio.

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