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Our Partners

Our Partners»
  • Archivist (electronic document archiving)

    With the size of modern society, the information storage and classification of data becomes increasingly important. Archivist and Edge Modeling Creator you provide solutions suited to your needs while respecting the standards of security and confidentiality of documentation and archiving.

  • Cabex (Scan legal documents)

    Specializing in corporate taxation, they spoke about the tax structuring of international transactions, mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructuring

  • Sintelcom Senegal (Telecom and Internet)

    Is a limited company that specializes in telecommunications and computer networks.

    We integrate technological solutions that come relieve companies in their efforts to better control of their information system

    Integrating various networks and telecommunications solutions, we offer a wide range of products and services.

  • GTVS (Multimedia)

    Generation TV (GTV) is a communications agency and Audiovisual Production-based independent private and Dakar (Senegal), Generation specializes in TV production and postproduction of films, documentaries, features, commercials, d TV shows and radio, infomercials, education and communication plans.

Succeed with us

Our experience in the field of computer science and technology combined with your will enable us to have a margin of advance in our respective fields.
Economic Environment Facility of the last decade no longer allows companies devolve without information systems and advanced software continually updates and tailored to the needs of businesses.

A partnership with Edge Modeling Creator gives you a place of choice to obtain our Beta versions of our applications and in some cases, for free if you work in the development and enhancement of the product or service, which we meter in a Win-Win situation.

For more information on how you can become our partner, please contact us.