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Modeling Creator Edge

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Architecture | 3D Design | Interior Decoration | Software | Internet Services | Industrial Design
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    One of our main goals is to modernize our nations’ infrastructure, by that we mean Senegal and all other countries in Africa. Our undertaking includes homes, family housing, child development centers, research facilities, hospitals, medical facilities, health facilities, governmental structures and managed communities, military facilities, courthouses, prisons and national parks.

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    3D Design

    The use of CAD (Computer-Assisted Design) programs and systems allows us to design detailed two- or three-dimensional models of physical objects, such as mechanical parts, buildings, and make animations in a such way we can offer a variety of services that...

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    Interior Design

    When we offer you interior decoration services we take into consideration not only the environment but also the size of each rooms or space, the materials used, the colors and the natural lighting our your house.
    That’s why our designers use 3D models to show our customers how their houses will look like even before we start building so they can decide of any changes to make.

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    Modeling Creator Edge, is a leading software development company specializing in custom software applications. Our creative and highly experienced teams of software development and design consultants are able to provide solution to any challenges your business is faced with...

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    Internet Services

    The development of New Information and Communication Technologies gives the Internet a pivotal role in the success of a company.  It also provides a competitive advantage by increasing the popularity of every company’s products and services at a lower cost.

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    Industrial Design

    Technical drawing, or industrial design is a language for figurative representation, technical communication, design and systems analysis. It is used mainly in mechanical engineering (design, study methods) as well as electronic representation of different components and their structure ...


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We're not your average group of technicians. We come from a diverse background with experiences that include very complex application developers, graphic designers, industrial designers, electrical and civil engineers, architects. This is what makes Modeling Creator Edge special.





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